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I used to live here for almost two years , I was 21 years old when I first started to travel and the first location was Nairobi,Kenya.

I wasn’t there only to visit , I went there for a job and i found a very different place comparing with what I use to live all my life.

First of all people are much more enthusiast and happy then the Europeans(the africans are always dancing and singing) second of all everything was cheaper then in my country, i remember with 60- 70$ I was buying a full basket of food enough for one weeks or even more for 3 people and the fruits were always fresh and we could find them on the street at the local market(but you always need to negotiate because usually they try to sell them with a bigger price if they feel you are new in the country, happened to us a long period of time).

What I found very nice was that the monkeys were free in the park so you could see them everywhere.You had to always buy “small bananas” before taking a walk around because they were expecting to receive something if they meet you.

I have some pictures with them

Many people think about Africa, in general, that is not a safe place.Well, we were just going around by walking or by taxi and nothing happened to us.

Actually If i think better it was a time when they stole the bag of one of my friends but anywhere can happen.

Even if you don’t have time for safari or to go to the beach, Nairobi is full of surprises.For example you can see the elephants if you go to the elephant orphanage , or the baby giraffes if you get to giraffe center.

If you search for a place to have a dinner then just take a taxi and for sure you gonna find good places to eat but be careful because almost everything it’s spicy. I’m gonna give you here a list of the best restaurants to try.

And if you got here then it’s a “must” to try a Kenyan club or pub…there you can enjoy like in your 20’s, because everybody is doing the same.You will find a lot of tourists, expats, locals, Indians, all together having fun.

I will give you some names of places where we’ve made really good memories. GypsyBar is one of them, then you can try BlackDiamond or Casablanca, all of them are small bars with an african style and vibe but i guarantee the joy and the good mood will be there.

Best regards,

The Slow Nomad.


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