A visit to the bottom of the Kilimanjaro Mountain

Kilimanjaro It is the highest mountain in Africa, and rises approximately 4,900 metres (16,100 ft) from its base to 5,895 metres (19,341 ft) above sea level.

Even we lost the chance to climb it because of the lack of time( we were there only for 4 days and it needs 8 days to do it), we enjoyed the bottom view and the safari trip.

I’m gonna post some pictures.

Mount Kilimanjaro is at the border between Kenya and Tanzania, we traveled to Kenya so we could see the mountain from this side.

Amboseli Lodge was our house for the few days.

I believe was the best choice.Beside the grate view with the mountain and the wild animals walking very closed to us, they made our journey special with nights at campfire, guitar music, a monkey as a bartender and a lot of fire flies because the electricity was going off after 11 pm.

We were lucky and we caught the best time for safari, we could see a lot around.

Such an amazing experience waking up in the morning and seeing around a monkey following you to steal some sugar or bananas from your room.

Definitely gives you the feeling of “I wanna see more”

Kenya is one of the best countries in Africa. And if you have the chance to live there don’t miss it. I said that because I lived there for almost two years and i can say were the best years of my life.You have wild places if you are a lover of nature, good places to drink your tea or coffee, restaurants with nice views and as well places where you can have a lot of fun if you are a night life person.About all this I m gonna write in my coming days and I will show you pictures or videos. I wanted to take the whole country with me when i left it.


Oh, I almost forgot I have to tell you a little bit about the Maasai Tribe,which by the way I met them and they were really kind trying to sell their hand made jewelry.Very authentic gifts for your love ones from home. I would advice to negotiate very good about the price because usually they ask for a lot of money( like 30-100$).

Let me show you some.

With love from

The Slow Nomad.


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