Why Slow Nomad?

Slow Nomad because I do things slowly and I take my own time to reflect about new areas of the life. It took me a while to decide to write something on this page but finally here I am, a little bit confused and not knowing exactly what to say I will write only what’s crossing my mind. At the end of the day, forward is forward.

My name is Simona Badescu, I was born in Romania but „the whole world is my native land” .

I got this passion for travel the moment I started to do it. It wasn’t easy, I left the home long time ago and now here I’m, after eight years going around this beautiful world, exploring the new lands, new culture new types of food and many tradition.

It’s getting to your veins and you can not stop, it’s an wonderful addiction I have .

Travelling it’s opening your eyes, the way of thinking, it’s bringing you to a new level, a level of spiritual growth where the most important thing is to live in harmony with everything around you and  your inner peace.You start asking yourself who you really are, what’s your purpose on this world.From here on I started to wonder more so I found YOGA and meditation, I discovered how to take care of my soul and my body, i started to get interest in holistic medicine and to read a lot about different types of tea and foods to create the balance i need.

I’m still loosing myself sometimes but this is the beauty of life.We all have ups&downs.

All the experience of going around leads to what I have now; the desire of discovering about what gifts our mother earth has to offer and in the same time to continue to respect my soul needs.So I chose to travel, I don t know for how long, maybe until the same inner voice is  telling me now to go, will tell me ENOUGH.

Everything is a process so let’s trust the journey.

So I thought about how I can keep up all the experience alive for longer time, i guess  writing is the answer.I don t want to be greedy, I’m gonna share them with all of you out there, who wants to read or maybe to get inspired or even to go out of the routine.

Thank you!

The Slow Nomad.



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